We are huge fans of natural skin care and body care products, especially those made locally. Stomping Ground Herbals is a Nashville business that we love.

They make an awesome Tooth Powder for brushing your teeth, which doesn’t contain chemicals like many toothpastes. Instead, it has a base of activated charcoal and essential oils of sage and myrrh, which are good for gum health. We also love their Farm Armor Sensitive Skin Deodorant, a soothing cream for the underarms that comes in Patchouli Orange, Rosemary Cedar, and Lavender Sage.

Featured in the current issue of Local Table, Stomping Ground Herbals is at a crossroads. They offered a vegetable CSA and an herbal CSA for the past four years under the name Double N Urban Farm and Apothecary. Currently, they are transforming their entire ½ acre vegetable farm into a medicinal herb farm, the foundation for Stomping Ground Herbals.

Nicole Mattingly is their head farmer and folk herbalist. With a background in the natural foods industry, she left that desk job to return to working with the soil she was raised on.  

(Pic Nicole Mattingly)

“I love that I grow on the same land that my great grandmother grew on which is the land I grew up on, thus the name Stomping Ground Herbals. It is literally my old stomping grounds!”Nicole

She grew up with her great grandmother in her life every day, eating poke salad together each spring and learning from her how to make a poultice. Nicole infuses the products of Stomping Ground Herbals with this magic, a touch shaped by her great-grandmother and by herbal study in the Wise Woman Tradition.


(Pic)Rose, Nicole Mattingly’s great grandmother

“In the Wise Woman tradition we nourish. We do not fix or cure or balance. We nourish health/wholeness/holiness in each individual, ever aware of each individual as holographically related to family/community/universe, in spiraling, ever-changing completeness. Problems become doorways of transformation.”-Susun Weed, Wise Woman Herbal

In our Woodbury location, we carry a range of their products, including a drawing salve, lip balm, bath soak, muscle rub, chest rub, and anti-inflammatory mask.

When you use these natural creams and powders and make them part of your daily routine, it is a great act of self-love, the nourishment of your skin and the honoring of your whole body.

To find other local storefronts that stock their goods or to shop on their online apothecary, go to stompinggroundherbals.com.


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